He’s come a long way from his altar boy days at St. Peter’s and coaching the Bantam league community center baseball team at 14, but Steve Stokes hasn’t stopped serving the community.

Steve jumped into the world of business with both feet when he was just a kid--first at the Jefferson Exxon service station and in 1976, at Pizza Man washing dishes and making salads. With a solid 30 years in management and finance, Steve has managed marketing budgets of more than $5 million and been responsible for $45 million in sales. But, all of that pales in comparison to the pride he has for his year-old business, a full-service digital advertising agency called Syk Digital.

Steve’s folks built their house across from St. Peter’s Church in 1950 when priests would knock on his door before mass asking for coffee or one of the three Stokes boys about serving as an altar boy that Sunday. Steve loves Covington so much that he and his wife, Elizabeth, decided to make their home here. They’re raising their daughter, Sydney, a St. Scholastica sophomore, in Covington so she can also have the joy of growing up in a town where everyone knows each other.

He’s a lifetime conservative and member at St. Peter’s; a St. Paul's graduate, an active supporter who helped raise money for the St. Tammany Parish Hospital pediatric wing; a volunteer at James Samaritan for foster children; a patron of the St. Tammany Art Association, Christ Episcopal School and St. Scholastica Academy; and a member of the Krewe of Olympia.

It’s that love—for hometown and for neighbors—that gave Steve the passion and energy to run for City Council. It’s his experience—for business, for long term planning and for problem-solving—that helps make him the best person for the job.

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